Digital Marketing Corporate Workshops in Kuwait


Digirabia provides professional corporate training. We provide training with a focus on providing the best attention to each mentee.Gain advanced skills through interactive assignments and tasks. Learn the latest skill from qualified trainers.


We provide Certified Digital Marketing Master Course for Professionals, Students, and Entrepreneurs.After mastering each module of the training course, become that one among highly skilled professionals.



This hands-on training is conducted with a motive to give the participants practical knowledge. We are providing workshops according to the requirements. The participants can attend either the one day workshop, two days workshop, or the three days workshop based on their needs. You can attend any workshop customized according to your wish. This workshop will be interactive with group discussions, feedbacks, doubt clearing sessions, and more. New technologies are being introduced now and then and that is why you need to stay updated. Get to the next new level by upgrading your skills.


Why Digital Marketing Training from Digirabia

Digirabia is the Agency Partner for Digirabia Training Institute. We have partnered with Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading professional training company focusing on imparting new-age skills to individuals & organizations. Digirabia training is provided with an aim to give training that benefits the career success of an individual.



Module 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing?

    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Why digital marketing is important
    • Current Opportunities and Trends in the Digital Media Space
    • Introduction to key digital marketing techniques
    • Key terminology used in digital marketing
    • The Digital Media Mix


Module 2. Search Engine Optimization

    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
    • Importance of SEO for a brand
    • Overview of OnPage and OffPage SEO
    • SEO Success factors and Trends for 2020


Module 3. Search Engine, Display & Video Advertising

    • Introduction to SEM(search engine marketing)
    • SEO v/s SEM
    • Introduction to GoogleAds
    • Search Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Introduction to Remarketing
    • Growth of video in the current scenario
    • Advertising on YouTube
    • Relevant online advertising success stories


Module 4. Social Media & Content Marketing

    • Importance of content marketing-Why Content is king
    • Creating content for the digital and mobile world
    • Content formats and types that work
    • Introduction to all SocialMedia Channels(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
    • LinkedIn, Snapchat & Pinterest), theirPrimaryaudiencecharacteristics,
    • Business Objectives they are suitable for
    • Best Practices for all social media platforms relevant to the business
    • Relevant Social Media Marketing success stories


Module 5. Analytics & Measurement

    • Framework for ROIMeasurement
    • Introduction to GoogleAnalytics
    • Measurement tools across platforms
    • KPIs to measure across platforms for various objectives


Q&A, Feedback, Closure

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